Cooper Anchor 1Kg/2.2lb – Nylon – PWC Anchor Jetski Anchor and Boat Anchor to 3.5m/12ft Price: 75,01 £ (as of 04/06/2024 00:16 PST- Details)

Strong Nylon Construction for PWC and boats to 3.5m/12ft Made in Australia



1 Kg NYLON Cooper Anchor for PWC and boats to 3.5m Cooper Anchors set in their own length and dig deeper into the sea bed than most, if not all other anchors. This means more holding power from smaller and lighter anchors. Dimensions (L x W x H) 405 x 175 x 165mm HOW & WHY COOPER ANCHORS WORK The holding power of any anchor is directly related to how deeply it sets and holds the sea bed. Most anchors on the market today are restricted by design to plowing along near the surface of the sea bed and rarely, if ever disappear completely below the sea bed. Cooper Anchors very simple design with its weighted tip, straight streamline shank and small blade are designed to completely disappear below the sea bed and stay there even through wind and tide changes. The small area between the shank and the tip, (See picture above) allow Cooper Anchors to change direction with less effort, especially during anchor retrieval. As the boat is pulled forward, over and above the anchor, the anchor rotates with the vertical pull and is retrieved with the same effort, or less than was used in its setting. Protecting our reefs. To protect our reef and reduce the risk of becoming permanently hooked up, simply move the shackle to the hole in the base of the shank, and use a cable tie through the top hole and chain. If the anchor does become stuck, the cable tie breaks and the anchor releases backwards without damaging the reef. When anchoring in anything other than reef The Main hole should be used

Strong Nylon Construction for PWC and boats to 3.5m/12ft Made in Australia

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